american flamingo cover

American Flamingo (MiPOesias, 2008) The first chapbook in MiPOesias Cuban American Poetry Series. An earlier version of American Flamingo was named a finalist for the Philbrick Poetry Award.

Spring Tide, (Aldrich Museum, 2005)

Suzanne Frischkorn’s poems are brisk and compelling. She writes as to a friend, or a stranger who might become a friend. The poems are extremely visual; the language is select and elegant, in the natural way a letter might reach elegance. The poem called Still Water begins “I want to tell you…”–a clear desire not only to express but to communicate. The poems are not home-spun by any means but exact, and exactly right, even at times beatific, so that we see what she sees as she sees it, which is pretty much, isn’t it, the poem’s intended accomplishment?

Mary Oliver, Juror From the introduction to Spring Tide, winner of the 2004 Aldrich Poetry Award.

Red Paper Flower, (Little Poem Press, 2004)

Eloquent, honest, Red Paper Flower, resonates with intelligence. Suzanne Frischkorn’s poems have a remarkable range of tone, they can be witty, tender, abrasive, but are always lucid, and tirelessly push beyond the surface of their subject matter. What I admire in this book is how each detail carries its emotional accuracy–what I love in these poems is their drive and pulse.

—Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Exhale, (Scandinavian Obliterati Press, 2000)

In poems sharp and honed as a stiletto, Suzanne Frischkorn creates out of rage and grief a world through which she saves herself. The book testifies to the resilience of the human spirit and it’s ability to love. The poems are clear, brilliant, and powerfully moving.

–Maria Mazziotti Gillan

The Tactile Sense, (Alpha Beat Press, 1996)

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